When to Call a Drain Cleaning Professional

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No matter how careful you are, occasional drainage issues with your sink or shower are fairly common. It can be easy for contaminants to build up in your drains over a long period of time, which can culminate in a slow-draining sink or tub, strange gurgling noises from your pipes, or foul odors coming from the drain.

When to Call a Drain Cleaning Professional

In some cases, drains can be effectively cleaned with homemade solutions of vinegar and baking soda or tools like plungers or drain snakes. If the issue persists beyond these efforts, however, it’s probably in your best interest to schedule a professional drain cleaning service.

Here at Top Notch Plumbing Services Inc., our team works hard to keep plumbing issues from disrupting your daily life or posing health hazards to you and your family. Based on our professional experience, we recommend calling us for drain cleaning assistance if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Recurring clogs – Do you have a drain that seems to get clogged frequently, despite your best efforts to keep it clean? There could be a major blockage deeper within the drainage system that DIY methods won’t be able to reach.
  • Standing water – If your drain doesn’t seem to be functioning at all, it’s time to call a plumber. Professional drain cleaning methods will be able to get to the root cause of the drainage problem and let you avoid nasty standing water in your home.
  • Foul odors – When different kinds of particles get trapped in your drain, they can rot, causing a consistent smell to emanate from your sink or bathtub. Drain cleaning is often required to remove all of the gunk and get your home smelling fresh again.