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Professional drain cleaning

Your drains have an arsenal of annoyances with which to pound you: they could smell, or be slow, or stop entirely, or even backwash unwanted used water into your home. Some of these problems can be dealt with personally, or with the help of your friend who’s handy with household fixes. However, a professional plumber will offer a longer-term solution.

Plumbing is a labyrinth of pipes wherein blockage can hide. Buildups of grease or sediment may be tricky and difficult to find. Sometimes, it’s not even the indoor plumbing that’s causing the issue. The reverse flow of waste water is often a septic tank issue that plumbers have the training to handle. A handyman may be able to sort out some stoppages closer to the tap or toilet but the real problem may be lurking deeper in the bowels of your drains.

Professional drain cleaning comes with plumbing technicians who not only understand drain demons better, but they also have the professional tools often needed to get where civilian equipment can’t.

We at Top Notch Plumbing Services Inc. want to keep your drains flowing freely. We’re well trained, licensed, friendly professionals and not a franchise. It’s our mission to help you live comfortably with peace of mind. Our drain cleaning comes with a 100% guarantee and we’re available to you in Statesville, Mooresville, Hickory, Huntersville, Conover, Cornelius and the surrounding Lake Norman, North Carolina area.