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Leaking pipes are terrible for your property

Do you hear that? That persistent drip, drip, drip sound? No matter where your leaking pipe is coming from, that dripping sound might as well be the sound of money slowing flowing out of your bank account! Leaking pipes are terrible for your property and, unfortunately, many of us like to ignore them and hope they will fix themselves instead of calling a qualified plumber. If you have a leaking pipe, please look over these reasons why you should fix a leaking pipe now.

  • Risk of Mold- Mold doesn’t require a lot to thrive and flourish happily. It likes warmth, dark spaces, and a little moisture. All of these things are supplied in spades when you have a leaking pipe, leaving the perfect opportunity for mold to grow. Mold can cause problems with your health, exacerbate issues like asthma or allergies, and be very difficult to clean up once it starts growing and spreading.
  • Water Damage- Water damage not only allows for mold growth, but it can ruin fixtures forcing you to spend money on the replacements. You could also experience water damage in the flooring, walls, or nearly anywhere a leaking pipe is. Furthermore, if the leak is ignored long enough, that water will make its way into some interesting places like vents, ceiling lights and other areas.
  • Wasting Money- Even if your leaking pipe is a tiny little leak, you are wasting money. An average leaking faucet can cost a homeowner an extra 20 dollars or more every year for water they aren’t even using!

If you have a leaking pipe you need fixed, contact us at Top Notch Plumbing Services Inc. today!