What Makes Commercial Plumbing Systems Different?

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Indoor plumbing is an important component of every building, either residential or commercial. In commercial settings, however, the plumbing system is different to accommodate increased usage and an overall larger system. Commercial plumbing should be serviced by an experienced plumbing team, as there are key differences in various aspects of the plumbing. Some major differences with commercial plumbing are:

What Makes Commercial Plumbing Systems Different?

  • Size– Commercial spaces are often larger and have a more complicated plumbing system to serve a larger, potentially multi-floor space.
  • Materials used– Materials used for commercial plumbing are often heavier duty to sustain heavier usage and to comply with commercial building and plumbing regulations. Pipes and fittings, for example, are industrial grade and differ from those used in residential applications.
  • Attention needed– Commercial plumbing systems require more frequent servicing to keep things running smoothly without unexpected interruptions.
  • Service hours– Plumbing work on commercial spaces often needs to be performed when the building is unoccupied. Plumbers who work on commercial systems work around your schedule to take care of things without hindering access for building occupants.

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