What Does That Gurgling Sound in Your Kitchen Plumbing Mean?

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That strange, gurgling sound rising from the depths of your kitchen sink probably leaves you worried and puzzled. In no time, you start wondering what’s going on. Is it another costly household problem? Or maybe a creature is stirring to life inside your kitchen’s plumbing? Before letting your imagination run wild, let’s look at what’s causing this issue.

What Does That Gurgling Sound in Your Kitchen Plumbing Mean?

As it turns out, there’s a simple explanation for the gurgling sound in your kitchen plumbing. When water goes down your kitchen drain, it encounters trapped air in the drain pipes. It exerts pressure on the air, forming air bubbles as the air tries to squeeze past the draining water. The result is the gurgling sound that you often hear in your plumbing.

However, there are times when the gurgling sounds more guttural than usual. This usually results from partially clogged plumbing, preventing the wastewater from draining freely. The airflow becomes even more restricted, creating an amplified gurgling sound as the air struggles to escape the backed-up flow. These clogs can occur in a few places, including the drain pipe and P-trap under your sink. In rare cases, a poor kitchen plumbing job in newer homes can also lead to gurgling.

So, should you be worried about the ominous gurgling sound in your kitchen plumbing? While it may sound disturbing, gurgling itself is not harmful. However, the underlying clog does need to be addressed to prevent plumbing backup and potential overflow into your kitchen sink. If you can’t pinpoint the exact location of the clog after visually inspecting the drain openings, it’s best to have your kitchen plumbing thoroughly checked by a certified local plumber.

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